Patient Participation Group

We would welcome new members to join our group.

If you would like to come along to the next forum, or if you have any questions or queries that you would like raised by the group, then please contact Claire Hand - Practice Manager on 01709 514 501

Your Representatives include;

  • Graham Hague
  • Jamie Hague
  • Brian Millns
  • Janet Swift
  • Jacqueline Wright

Patient Participation Group – Terms of Reference

This Patient Participation Group (PPG) will:

  1. Contribute to practice decision-making and will consult on service development and provision;
  2. Provide feedback on patients’ needs, concerns and interests and challenge the practice constructively whenever necessary;
  3. Serve as a ‘safety valve’ for dealing with grumbles and complaints about the practice – representing patients but also helping them to understand the Practice’s viewpoint;
  4. Assist the practice and its patients by arranging voluntary groups/support within the community;
  5. Communicate information about the community which may affect healthcare;
  6. Give patients a voice in the organisation of their care;
  7. Promote good health and higher levels of health literacy by encouraging and supporting activities within the practice and promoting preventative medicine;
  8. Influence the provision of secondary healthcare and social care locally;
  9. Give feedback to NHS trusts on consultations;
  10. Fundraise for medical equipment or other facilities to improve the practice and/or fund the activities of the PPG; and
  11. Liaise with other PPGs in the area.

The Parkgate Medical Centre Mission Statement:

"The Patient Participation Group at Parkgate Medical Centre is a group of patients working with the local community to contribute and provide support to the Practice, covering both the Parkgate and Thorogate surgeries."

Our Aims:

  • To improve communication with patients by breaking down barriers, the practice and wider health community.
  • Contribute to continuous improvement of services for patients.
  • Build and maintain a relationship between the practice staff and patients.

Patient Participation Group Plan for 2019/ 2020

Considering the PPG survey results, having discussed issues with patients in the surgeries  

  • Make practice leaflet available to all patients;  new and existing
  • Improve the comfort of the waiting area
  • Look at the representation of the group – spend time to reach possible new members
  • Organise a ‘flu day’ event
  • Promote alternative support services

PPG Annual Report & Action Plan

PPG Annual Report & Action Plan 2014-15

2013-2014 Questionnaire Results

Patient Group Questionnaire 2013

Patient Group Questionnaire 2012

Patient Group Questionnaire Results 2012

Patient Group Questionnaire 2011

Patient Group Questionnaire Results 2011 (PDF, 191KB)

PPG Minutes

Click here to view the PPG Minutes

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